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Dear colleagues,

If you are going to include some Czech repertoire in your programme or at a festival this year (you can find the list of anniversaries for your orientation and inspiration on the website), please let us know about it.

If you would like to cooperate with some of our project, contact please Ms. Zdenka Kachlová – zdenka.kachlova@cema-music.com. She is a coordinator of the project CZECH DREAMS 2014 (the content of it will be published at the beginning of July), or you use the program Creative Culture 2014-20 (our contact: lenka.dohnalova@theatre.cz or magdalena.mullerova@theatre.cz) or Visegrad Fund.

For your project with Czech music abroad you can use a tender database of Czech Centres http://intranet.czech.cz/novy-projekt/ (user: CCprojekt, password: spoluprace, only in Czech).

If you give us your permission, we will include your programme in our promotion. If you use the LOGO of the programme (available in the press service), we will be happy to put the link of your organization or project and we will list you as partners of the programme. We can cooperate in cross promo.

Enclosed you can find an anthology of studies about identity of Czech music called National identity/ies in Czech Music. Its electronic version is available on the website of the Year of Czech Music (PDF

We would be happy if you made a contribution or sent us some recommendation of a professional or artists, who would be interested in participating. The anthology is open in the electronic version and it should reflect how Czech music is perceived and realized in the Czech Republic and abroad.

We are looking forward to our cooperation and communication in the Year of Czech Music 2014. We think that we can improve efficiency of both our and your work.

Best wishes,

Lenka Dohnalová, the coordinator of the Year of Czech Music