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Boleslav VOMÁČKA

(*28. 6. 1887 Mladá Boleslav — †1. 3. 1965 Prague)

Czech composer

He studied at the Prague University (he graduated in 1913) and at the same time the composition with Vítězslav Novák. At the beginning, he worked as a clerk and music reviewer, later as a composer in Prague. He wrote expressionist compositions similar to the style of Schönberg (i.e. song cycle Blowed Path, 1912, choir cycles Cries, 1918, 1914 in 1920, The Way from the Battlefield, 1923, piano cycle Searching, 1913, Sonata 1917). His operas Water Sprite (about Erben, 1937) and Boleslav I. (1957) have a traditional character.