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Heinrich Ignaz Franz BIBER

(*12.8.1644, Stráž pod Ralskem - ✝3.5.1704, Salzburg)

Austrian baroque composer and violinist of Czech origin

He may have studied at a Jesuit Gymnasium at Opava. He was here trained in music. His first known composition is Salve regina for soprano, vln. vla da gamba and org. In the year 1668 he entered the service of Bishop Karl Lichtenstein in Kroměříž, in the year 1669 Biber composed the Sonata violin solo for carnival. In 1670 he entered service of Archbishop Maximilian Gandolph von Khuenberg in Salzburg. During the 70th he composed 15 Mystery sonatas for violin and continuo, in 1673-74 Missa Christi Resurgentis, in 1674 Vespres, 1676 12 Sonatae tam aris quam aulis servientes published in Salzburg. In 1679 he was appointed Vice-Kapellmeister at the Salzburg court. In 1680 he published six suites for strings Mensa sonora. In 1682 he composed Missa Salisburgensis for the celebrations to 1 100th anniversary of the founding of the archdiocese of Salzburg. In 1690 he obtained the title "Biber von Bibern", he visited his birth place. In 1690-92 he composed his only extant opera Arminio, in 1693 Vesperae longiores ac breviores una cum litaniis Lauretanis dedicated to Archbishop J. E. von Thun. In 1697 he composed and directed his Missa Sancti Henrici for the investiture of his daughter Anna Magdalena at Benedictine convent of Salzburg. In 1704 he died in Salzburg and buried in St. Peter´s cemetery.