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Jan Křtitel VAŇHAL

(*12. 5. 1739 Nechanice — †20. 8. 1813 Vídeň)

Czech composer and music teacher

His signature Johann Baptist Wanhal resulted to mistake that the composer had a Dutch origin. He was appointed organist at Opočno in 1752, after a choirmaster at Nemyčeves by Jičín. 1961 he moved to Vienna. After studying with Dittersdorf, Vaňhal soon made a reputation as composer and teacher. 1761-63 he lived and worked in Italy thanks to support by Baron Riech. In Roma he composed inspired by the music of Gluck and Gassmann his opera Il trionfo di Clelia (1761) and Il Demofonte. Both these operas didn´t preserved. About 1763 he returned to Vienna where he came forward also as a composer of symphonies (3 symphonies op. 10, 1767) and pedagogue. He is an author of more that 100 symphonies, 100 string quartets, piano sonatas and sonatinas, organ fugues. Favorite concert is his Concert in C for Viola and Orchestra, Concert for DoubleBbass, Concert F Major for Organ and Flute Concerto I. From the mass compositions there were especially 20 masses, Stabat Mater, 2 Requiems.