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(*5. 5. 1949 Olomouc)

Czech contemporary composer and musicologist

He studied at the Conservatory in Olomouc (accordion and clarinet), 1967-72 he continued at the Philosophical Faculty of Palacký University in Olomouc. In 1973 he started teaching at the Department of Musicology and Music Education ibidem, in 1980 also in the Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Prague. He continued with his studies (PhDr. in 1974, CSc. in 1985, associate professor in 1988 and 1995, professor of the theory and history of music in 1998). He was engaged in the re-establishment of the musicology program at the Palacký University since 1990. His publications include the following books: The Accordion and its Musical Use (Prague 1981), Václav Trojan (Prague 1989), Music Criticism and Popularization of Music (Prague 1997), Musical Aesthetics (Prague 1998, co-author R. Dykast). Selected compositions: Music for Strings and Timpani (1980), symphonic picture Way to the Sun (1980), cantata for baritone, mixed chorus and orchestra Cry (1981), The Night Prayer for voice, ob., cl., fag. and piano to the ancient Babylonian text (1996) and others.