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František Ignác Antonín TŮMA

(*2. 10. 1704 Kostelec nad Orlicí — †30. 1. 1774 Vienna)

Czech composer

Son of organist at Kostelec, he studied in Jesuit seminary in Prague, he was for a time vocalist at the Minorite church St. James in Prague. Then he went to Vienna and settled there probably befor 1729. By 1731 was appointed Kapellmeister to Count Franz Ferdinand Kinsky. He studied composition with a court composer J. J. Fux. Soon he became a known mostly for his church compositions. Tůma remained in Kinsky´s service until his death in 1741. After, he became Kapellmeister by the widow of Emperor Charles VI, among her death he received a pension. He worked as a composer and violinist or theorba player in Vienna. His works of this time ware commissioned by the Empress Maria Theresia. Tůma composed in the style of late Baroque. His 14 Masses are in a cappella style. His compositions were known for their expression and chromaticism. Some of his works (sinfonias, partitas, sonatas) can be assigned to the Galant style.