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Bohuslav Matěj ČERNOHORSKÝ

(*16.2.1684, Nymburk - ✝5.2.1742, Graz)

composer, organist, representative of the Czech baroque music

He became from music family. In 1700-02 he studied philosophy at Prague University, he was an organist of the Týn Church. In 1704 he was admitted to the Fransciscan's order. In 1710-15 he works as a chief organist in the basilica of St. Francesco in Assisi (here he composed i.e. Regina coeli 1712), he received a master´'s degree in theology. He was ostracized for 3 years. In this years he stay and work at Horažďovice convent (he composed here in 1739 his best known work Laudatus Jesus Christus). He returned to Prague in 1730, he worked also in Padua. He died in Graz 1742 during his travel to Prague.

In his music evolution he was probably influenced by the music theorist and lexicographer J. B. Janovka. German musicologist Kretzschmar titled him "Czech Bach".

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