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(*21.1.1934 Prague +10.8.1993 Prague)

Czech jazz singer

She started with A. Kafka Orchestra and with Prague Dixieland. After she continued in the popular theatre Semafor where she performed in the stages Zuzana, Six Women of Henry VIII. He sang in them the songs Láska nebeská (Celestial Love), Blues samotářky (Blues of Solitary) and other songs composed by J. Suchý and J. Šlitr. In 1966 she was awarded in the inquiry of popularity Czech Nightingale. She was inspired by jazz. At the beginning of 70th she recorded two albums with gospels and evergreens. The second of them called Eva Olmerová (1969-72) was produced for export, but it was, due to political reasons, withdrawed from the Czech market. Only at the beginning of 80th she returned to the scene. She recorded album Zahraj i pro mne (Play for Me too, 1981), which for the half of all songs were written by young composer Michal Kocáb. In 1983 she recorded albums: Čekej tiše (Wait Quietly), Vítr je rváč (Wind is an Agressor), later the album Dvojčata (Twin, 1987). He performed in the clubs Parnas, Metro, Reduta, especially with the Metropolitan Jazz Band. She solved her life problems with alcohol and drugs. Not after 1989 she wasn't appropriately appreciated.