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Karel KRYL

(*12. 4. 1944 Kroměříž — †3. 3. 1994 München)

Czech songster and poet

He started with performances at the beginning of 60th. He was a cofounder of the Theatre for Acquaintances in Teplice (1964). From the year 1968 he lived in Prague. In 1969 as a rebound to the August's occupation he edited the album Little Brother, Close the Gate. After, he emigrated. In the years 1969-89 he was living abroad, made a concerts (in Scandinavia, Canada, USA, Germany), he worked as an editor of Radio station Free Europe in Germany, wrote songs and poetic collections. 1973-79 he studied history of art and journalist in Munich. He edited a songbook Hraje a zpívá Karel Kryl (Karel Kryl Plays and Sings, 1969) and discs Rakovina (Cancer,1969), Maškary (Masks, 1970), Carmina resurrectionis (1974), Karavana mraků (Caravan of Clouds, 1979), Plaváček (1983), Ocelárna (Steelworks, 1986, enlarged 1994), Tekuté písky (Liquid Sands, 1990), Monology (Monologues, 1993). There were edited also the collections of texts and poetry: Knížka Karla Kryla (Book of Karel Kryl, 1972), Sedm básniček na zrcadle (Seven Short Poems on the Mirror, 1974), the book of dialogues: Půlkacíř (Half-Heretic, 1993). Successful songs include Veličenstvo kat (Majesty Headsman), Anděl (Engel), Jeřabiny (Rowan) and others. As an important person of Czech protest-song he gave concerts in December 1989 to the occasion of political meetings in Czechoslovakia. He died untimely in Munich. The disc Děkuji (Thanks), Jedůfky, Steelworks or Australské momentky (Moments from Australia) were edited after his dead.