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(*27.6.1910, Žatec - ✝17.10.1979, Prague)

Czech composer

Czech pianist and composer

He received his basic music education with his father, cantor in Žatec. After, he studied law at the German University in Prague and musicology at Charles University. He also absolved Suk´s master class (in 1931) and Hába´s micro-interval department (1935). 1934-38 he worked as a pianist and composer in Burian´s D 34 Theatre, he recorded for the Esta gramophone company. During the war, he was interned in the concentration camps. After the war in 1945 he returned to Prague and prepared the performance of Hába´s opera the Mother for the Theatre of the 5th of May. He was interested in the performing of contemporary piano music, he worked as a music organiser, wrote to music journals (especially Rytmus). His composing style is close to Hába´s methodology, after he included also new post-war techniques. He is especially author of chamber music (over 250 compositions).