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(*10.6.1894, Prague - ✝22.7.1972, Prague)

Czech composer and pedagogue

He studied philosophy (unfinished), composition with J. B. Foerster and J. Křička, 1925-27 in the masterclasses of the Prague conservatory by J. Suk. His first compositions have a late Romantic orientation. At the end of 20s he interested in modern music trends. He bekame a member of Mánes Music Group in Prague associated with composers such as Martinů. 1946-64 Bořkovec has working as a professor of composition at the Prague Academy of Musical Arts. In the 1930s he was ranked into avant-garde. He combines the style of neo-classicism, constructivism with an expressive lyricism.

The most important works are the ballet Krysař (The Ratkiller, 1939), the Nonet (1940), Concerto grosso (1941), opera Paleček (Tom Thumb, 1947), String Quartet No. 4 (1947), String Quartet No. 5 (1961), Sinfonietta in uno movimento (1963-64), Silentium turbatum (1965).

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