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(*25.4.1909, Chrudim - ✝2.10.1960, Prague)

Czech composer

He studied in Prague with Otakar Jeremiáš. He started to compose in the style of Romanticism. Characteristic is his work with harmony and timbre and dramatic character of music. Somber ton-colors are typical for his music (especially in his Third Symphony, 1957-58, or ballet Don Quijote, 1955). He was also influenced by Czech and Moravian folklore (opera Balada o lásce/Ballad on Love, 1960). He used also satire (in his ballet Král Lávra/King Lávra, 1951, Líný Honza/Lazy Honza or Křest sv. Vladimíra/Christening of St. Vladimir). After the war, he wasn't an author favored by state.