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(*18.4.1934, Prague)

Czech composer and actor

Jan Klusák spent his youth during the Neo-classical period (1st Symphony). From the sixties, he applied dodecaphonic knowledge and serial techniques as, step by step, he discovered them from his studies of the compositions of the second Vienna school. The actual substance of his steps did not, however, inhibit the growth of his particular fantasies. Around this time, he became aware of current trends and was especially influenced by G. Mahler's expressionist approach as a basis for the next possible modification (Variace na Mahlerovo tema (Variations on Mahler's theme)). The premier performance in 1960 was the first manifestation of the New Music in Prague. The symphonic form of Klusák's works is a creative invention of one-sentence compositions with one theme, for different instrument combinations. The lyrics he uses in his choral compositions are derived from everything from folk poems to contemporary poets. One of last composition is opera Message for Academy on the subject of Franz Kafka (1993-97) and symphony poem Earth Eden is at the sight (1998).