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(*4.4.1949 Prague)

Czech contemporary composer and teacher

He began to study piano and cello. After graduating at the Electro-Technical Secondary School he worked as a sound engineer in Czech Television. 1972-77 he studied Prague Academy of Performing Arts (composition, piano and music pedagogy). He absolved the Summer Courses in Siena with F. Donatoni. He absolved with Concert for piano and orchestra. After, he was granted a post-gradual scholarship for two years at the State Conservatory in Moscow under prof. N. Sidelnikov. He worked as a pedagogue in the Department of Music and Sound at the Academy of Perfoming Arts in Prague at the Film and TV Faculty. Already his first compositions were awarded in many competitions. Among other works we can remember: 1st and 2nd Sonatas for Piano (1975, 1978), Sfingy (Sfings, phantasy for organ,1976), Čtyři symfonická preludia Moskevská (Four Symphonical Preludia, 1979), Bláznovy zápisky (Madmans Notes, piano suite on the story by N. V. Gogol, 1980), Piano Trio (1981). From the electro-acoustic compositions with acoustic instruments: Synthesis for piano and EA, Reberberation for cello and EA, Zátiší s harlekýnem (Still life with Harlequin for cello and EA), Zátiší s pierotem (Still life with Pierrot for piano and EA). To the pure electroacoustic compositions we can assign Zátiší s kolombínou (Still life with Colombine for synthesizer and EA), Noc trifidů (Night of Triffids), Defilé, Via regia, Netrpělivý Orfeus (Impetian Orfeus). Kopecký is also author of concert or ballets (Luci serene) or music to the film documents.