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Otakar ZICH

(*25. 3. 1879 Městec Králové — †9. 7. 1934 Ouběnice near Benešov)

Czech composer and aesthetician

He was a pupil of aesthetician Otakar Hostinský. In the year 1903-06 he taught physics and mathematics at the High School in Domažlice. He composed the operas Malířský nápad (Artis´st Idea), Vina (Guilt, 1915) and Preciózky (1924). He created also many vocal compositions. In 1924 he was appointed professor of Aesthetics at the Charles University. He is an author of many folkloric studies and aesthetic books: Estetika dramatického umění (Aesthetics of Stage Art, 1931), Hodnocení estetické a umělecké (Aesthetical Perception of Music, 1911). He devoted also himself to the theme of Smetana´s work.