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(*12.3.1914, Prague - ✝29.4.1988, Prague)

Czech composer, music director and publicist

He graduated at the Prague Conservatory and master class with professors Jarolav Řídký and Jaroslav Křička. After graduation he worked as a music producer of Radio Prague. In 1950-52 he was the chief editor of the publishing house Orbis, in 1961-70 he taught composition at Janáček Academy of Performing Arts. Milan Slavický or Evžen Zámečník was among his pupils. He is an author of 10 symphonies, his 8th Symphony "Campanae Pragenses" (1971, 77) have a world premiere in EBU.

In 60th he started to be interested in avant-garde composition techniques, especially in the colour. He started to investigate the articulatory possibilities of the human voice or various instruments (Oscillation, 1966, Exercices for Gydli, 1967, Rotation 9, 1967, a.o.), he combined the electronic with acoustic sounds (Ciphres for piano, percussion and electronic sounds, 1966). Kapr's work of last decades has become an internationally known.

He is also an author of theoretical essays and the book Konstanty (Constants, 1967).

J. Bártová: Jan Kapr: nástin života a díla (Brno, 1994)