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(*1.3.1904 Holešov +26.6.1964 Prague)

Czech musicologist and pedagogue

He studied music and musicology in Vienna, history and aesthetics at Prague Charles University (graduated 1932). He took the doctorate in 1946 at the same University with a disertation about Smetana´s Libuše (ed. in 1949). In 1928-50 he worked in Czechoslovak Radio, he was an editor of music department of the publishing house Melantrich (1939-45). He founded the musical journal Klíč (1930-34) oriented to the contemporary Modern music. Očadlík worked in 1927-34 for the Society for Modern Music based in Prague. In 1956 he founded the University journal Miscellanea musicologica. After establishing of Academy of Arts he became teaching here as a head of Music theory department. In the same year he began lectures also at Prague University were he took place of professor and head of the department of musicology (1952-59). In 1954-58 he became a dean of the Arts Faculty, from 1959 director of the Institute for Czech Music History. In 1956 he received the DrSc. Most of his books is concentrated on Smetana´s works and Smetana´s successors (Eliška Krásnohorská and Bedřich Smetana, Prague 1940, Notebook of Smetana´s Motifs, Prague 1942, Libuše, Prague 1949, Small Collection of Smetaniana, 1960, Smetana´s Compositionnal Methods, OM, 1970). He is an editor of many Smetana´s librettos, piano music and other documentation. From other publications there were especially The World of the Orchestra, Prague 1942-46, which is used till now.