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Karel GOTT

(*14.7.1939, Pilsen)

Czech pop singer, tenor

He belongs to famous Czech pop singers in Czech Republic and in Europe.

Initially, he worked as an electrician. Since 50th he sang as an amateur in dancing cafés (i. e. with famous jazz conductor Karel Krautgartner) and he was interested in plastic art.

In 1958 he attired attention of specialists in the competition of pop music, since 1960 he devoted himself exclusively to singing and had taking lessons with prof. Karenin (1963-66).

Not before the middle of 60th, he establishes himself because around the world the ideal of voice changed on behalf of tenors. In 1963 the song Snowbound Eyes with poetic text by Jiří Suchý became a hit. He received the first price in pop public inquiry of the journal Mladý svět Goldy Nightingale.

In 1965 he found with brothers Štaidls a club Apollo where he sang to the year 1967, after he received seven month’s contract in Las Vegas. After, he made a tour of Canada, USA and West Europe with great success. All years he has received Goldy Nightingale. A cooperation with composer Karel Svoboda helped to his successful career. In 1977, he recorded the song devoted to Jan Palach My Brother Jan.

His career has continued without interruption also after 1989. He absolved successful tour of Germany. In 1992, his album When Man Eats Breakfast with a Woman became the best selling CD of the year. In 1996, he received again the price of Czech Nightingale. He absolved successful tour of Saudi Arabia, China and in concert in Carnegie Hall.

He is also fruitful in his painting, and smaller roles in Czech films. To his more successful songs belong: Lady Carnival, Bee Maya, Little Bird, Where you Has a Niche (Karel Svoboda).

Selection of CDs: Rock'n'roll Party (1990), When Man Eats Breakfast with a Woman (1992), Things Near to My Heart (1993), Karel Gott 95 (1995), Original Recordings from Eighties (1995).

Selection of film roles: Lemonade Joe (1964, voice of titule role), If a Thousand Clarinets (1964), Our Czech Song (1967), Delights of Father of the Homeland (1969), The Star is Falling up (1974), Romance for a Crown (1975), The Scorcher Team (1976), Goblins and Good Luck 2 (2001).

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