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Kryštof HARANT of Polžice

(*1.1.1564, Klenová - ✝21.6.1621, Prague)

Czech composer, singer, instrumentalist and writer of the period of Renaissance

The day of his birth is exactly unknown. He was studying music of Netherlandish polyphony. His compositions were performed especially at the German courts. The seven pieces survived. He took part in army in the Turkish wars 1593-97. In 1597 he set out with the knight Heřman Černín on a pilgrimage to he Holy Land and Egypt.

He described his experiences in a book which contains also his six-part motet Qui confidunt in Domino (written 1598 in Jerusalem). After his return to Prague, he became valet to the Emperor Rudolf II. He served him until 1612. In 1615 he was released from his duties and he went at Pecka Castle. He kept here a musical establishment. He was converted in 1618 to neoutraquism. In 1620, he took part in the Bohemian noble revolt. He was arrested and condemned to death, beheaded in the Old Town Square. His work was edited in the book Opera Musica (1956).

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