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(*9.3.1979, Prague)

Czech composer

Ondřej Adámek belongs to the most prominent representatives of the youngest generation of Czech composers. He is the author of symphonic, chamber, vocal and electroacoustic music. He collaborates with choreographers of contemporary dance. In his musical language he combines elements of contemporary classical music with transformed musical elements of distant cultures.  The simplicity of musical expression corresponds in his works with a thouroughly elaborate colours of sounds. In recent years Adamek has  been also using the electroacoustic representation of pulse and breath in his compositions.

Work List

  1. Instrumental music
    • Falling Dreams (2006) for symphonic orchestra
    • Gamelang‘s Glare (2006) for symphonic orchestra
    • Silent Touches (2005) for baritone  and 5  instruments to text by composer (trombone, violin, violoncello, piano, percussion)
    • Éclats de Gamelan (2005) for symphonic orchestra; first performance: 19th June 2005, Centre Acanthes, Metz, Orchestre National de Lorraine, cond. by Jacques Mercier
    • Rapid Eyes Movements (2005) for string quartet and electronics; first performance: 8th April 2005 at IRCAM in Paris (also version for string quartet without electronics)
    • Sinuous Words (2005) for 20 musicians, first performance: 19th November 2004 in Montréal, Nouvel Ensemble Moderne (also version for 15 musicians or chamber orchestra)
    • Strange Night in Daylight (2004) for 20 musicians and electronics, first performance: 21st January  2004,  CNSMDP in Paris (also version for 12 musicians and electronics or  for chamber orchestra and electronics)
    • Danse Méchanique (2003) for 6 musicians (clarinet, French horn, 2 percussionists, double bass, prepared piano); first performance: 4th October 2003, Czech Centre in Paris
    • Gouttes, petites Gouttes (2003) for 18 instruments; first performance: February 2003,  CNSMDP in Paris
    • Ombres qui passent…. (2001) for six voices to text by composer
    • Inflexion  (2001) for two saxophones; first performance: June 2004, Festival ICE, Chicago
    • Les Touches (2001) for 9 musicians (flute, clarinet, 2 percussion players, harpsichord or prepared piano, violin, viola, violoncello, contrabas)
    • Tremblement……Return (2000) for soprano, clarinet, bass clarinet, viola and piano. Texts: Peter van de Kamp a Daniel Soukup
    • The Rite of Dance (1999) for 4 percussionists
    • Lonely Sadness (1998) for two clarinets, CR (score: publ. by the Czech Radio Prague)
  2. Electroacoustic compositions:
    • Cercle des Rythmes Vitaux (2003) - first performance: 15th January  2004, Bruxelles
    • Passing by….. (2003)
    • Debris from Kibera (2003)
    • Un Souffle, une Ombre, un Rien (2001) - first performance:  March 2001,  CNSMDP in Paris
  3. Music for stage
    • 2002 - project UNESCO, creation of the performance 'Abila' - contemporary dance and electroacoustic music, preparation and premiered in Nairobi - Kenya, choreographer: Opiyo Okach
    • 1999 - music to the dumb show "Tunel - Sprcha" [Tunnel - Shower], theatre "Alfréd ve dvoře"
    • 1997 - music to the dumb show "Pohyblivy kabinet - Pygmejuv sen" [Moving Cabinet - The Dream of a Pygmy], theatre "Alfréd ve dvoře"
    • 1996 - music