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Novák Pavel (Zemek)

( *14.10.1957)

composer and pedagogue

He studied the oboe and composition at the Brno Conservatory of Music, then he continued his studies with M. Ištvan at the Janáček Academy of Music (JAMU, graduated in 1988), and later completed his education on a scholarship in London (1992-3, with G. Benjamin), and in Paris (1997-8, with G. Grisey). He was employed as a first oboist of the orchestra at Janáček’s Theatre in Brno. Nowadays he is on the staff of the Brno conservatory as well as the JAMU, where he teaches composition as a major subject. He wrote a lot of chamber and orchestral instrumental works for various combination, but his most characteristic works are those exploring the monophonic method of composing. His conviction resulted in writing many remarkable solo compositions for various instruments. A touch of Christian spirituality remains one of most conspicuous characteristics of most of his works, although they are largely conceived as standard concert pieces. Nevertheless, some of his works were composed since the very beginning with the medieval cathedral acoustics in mind. He received for one of his most contemplative and spiritual work the L. Janáček Prize (Passion after St. John, 1990-1997). Selection of compositions: Cairos and Cronos for oboe solo (2001); Seven Last Words of Christ for clarinet solo (2002); L´Adoration du Sacré-Coeur (Litanies) for 1 percussionist (2000); From the Kingdom of Fish („O Christ.....“) – parable for organ (1993); Canto semplice for viola d´amore solo (1997); 4 sonatas for violoncello (1987-2000), Decameron from Moravia, ten pieces for oboe and piano (1988-9); The View of the Other World (Hommage à H. v. Bosch III) (1988-90); Five Seasons for bassoon, piano and recitator (Five movements, texts from Old and New Testament) (1989-90); Three Demonstrations of Esteem in the Talk of St Paul the Eremit in the year 342 for flute and marimba (1995); À Paul Klee. Seven movements for bass clarinet and harp (1996-7); The Garden of Delights (Hommage à H. v. Bosch) for oboe, violoncello and piano (1984); Lord, We Seek the Song of Chosen for violin, cello and piano (1989-90); 9 String Quartets (1993-2001), Waltzes – Hommage to St Francesco d´Assisi for zymbalon, harp, harpsichord, percussion and cello (1991-2); Seven Last Words of Christ – Chamber Symphony No 1 for 10 string instruments (1985-6); Hommage to St Francesco d´Assisi – Chamber Symphony No. 2 for clarinet and 10 string instruments (1988); Hommage to Lord Jesus I. Concerto for cor anglais and chamber ensemble (1995); 5 symphonies (1987-2004), Je t´aime (after the words by St Bernadette Soubirouse) for solo baritone (1997); Requiem (1997); Requiem (version for mixed choir); O Haupt voll Blut und Wunden (version for mixed choir) The Garden of Love for soprano and 2 percussionists (1987-8); I Am Afraid of Your Judgement. Transcription of a Moravian Folk Song for soprano, 2 clarinets, viola, double bass and zymbalon (1991); Three Marian Prayers for soprano, two clarinets, viola, cello and contrabass (1993-4); Silent Hymn for soprano and chamber orchestra (1997); Dartington Gardens for mixed choir and brass ensemble (2004)