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Rudolf KUBÍN

(*10. 1. 1909 Ostrava — †11. 1. 1973 Ostrava)

Czech composer, editor and organiser from Silesia

He was born in the family of folk musician, who from 1912 he became a bandmaster of the cloth factory in Okay and after his return from Russian war internment he became a bassist of German Opera in Ostrava. Little Rudolf played violoncello, in 1924 he started to study Prague Conservatory. In 1925-27 he absolved Hába´s composition courses. In1927 he interrupted his studies for the reason of want of money. In 1929 he was engaged as a violoncellist to the Prague Radio Orchestra, conducted during the time by O. Jeremiáš. 1933-35 Kubín worked as a music editor in Radio Brno, after in Ostrava. In Ostrava region he studied Lachian folklore, after also the songs of miners. In 50th he accepted the ideology of Socialist Realism. He became vice-president of the Association of Czechoslovak composers. Owing to this function, he founded many music organisations in the region (Ostrava Conservatory, Ostrava symphony orchestra, Miner's Art Ensemble). He was composing in many genres from 20th: i.e. symphonical Prolog (Prologue, 1929), Symfonieta for large orchestra and organ (1936), instrumental concerts, cycle of symphonic poems Ostrava (1951-52), symphonic poem Ostravian Variations, many choirs, song cycles. He is also an author of the 1st radio opera Letní noc (Summer Night, 1930-31), opera Naši furianti (Our Loudmouth, 1942-49) four melodramas, socialistic songs or music to films.