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Miroslav Venhoda

(*14.8.1915 Moravské Budějovice †10.5.1987 Prague)

Czech choirmaster

He studied musicology at Prague Charles University, and also studied music under the privateguidance of Josef Bohuslav Foerster. From 1938 to 1939, he lived in Italy. He worked in Prague as an organist, a choir-director, and a teacher. Between 1939 and 1950, he conducted the boys´ later mixed choir Schola cantorum and performed many works of the time of vocal polyphony or folk plays with them. He worked as a choirmaster of children choir Hlahol and editor of music journals. In 1956, he founded the New Madrigal-Singers (from 1965 the Prague Madrigalists), an ensemble specializing in old music. Many contemporary European composers dedicated their works to the ensemble. Venhoda also wrote the theoretical study Introduction to the Study of Gregorian Chant (1946) and edited some collections of old music (Monteverdi, Hand-Gallus, Harant). The ensemble recorded many compositions for various music labels and Radio.