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Osvald Chlubna

(*22.7.1893 Brno †30.10.1971 Brno)

Czech composer

He originally studied engineering and Commercial Academy in Brno. Between 1914 and 1924, he continued to study composition with Leoš Janáček. Until 1953, he worked as a clerk. He also taught at the Organ School in Brno and later at the Conservatory (1919–35, 1953–59) and at the Janáček Academy of Performing Arts (1956–58). He worked in many art organisations in Brno, such as the Club of Moravian Composers (1919-48). He was very prolific composer. He evolved from Romanticism, Impressionism to the Modern Constructivism. He also expressed his relationship to the Symbolism. He used the texts of symbolic Czech poets, such as Otakar Březina, Jaroslav Vrchlický, Jaroslav Durych and others. He wrote several cycles of compositions for piano and organ, as well as instrumental concerts, symphonies, ouvertures and cantatas. He wrote many operas, often using his own librettos, such as The Revenge of Catullus based on the work of Vrchlický, comp. in 1917, 1921 in Brno), Alladina and Palomid (based on the work of Maeterlinck, 1925 Brno), Ňura (1932 Brno), How the Death came in the World (a scenic mystery, 1936 Brno), Jiří from Kunštát and Poděbrady (based on the work of Alois Jirásek, composed 1941-42), Cradle (composed on the work of Jirásek, composed 1951-52), Eupyros (comp. 1960-62). He also wrote texts and articles primarily about Janáček.