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Leopold Koželuh (also Kozeluch)

(*26. 6. 1747 Velvary †7. 5. 1818 Vienna)

Czech composer and pedagogue

He came from a musical family. He studied high school and philosophy in Prague, music with his cousin Jan Antonín Koželuh and also with František Xaver Dušek. After his first successes with ballet music he left his law studies and settled in Vienna (1778) where he asserted himself very early as a pianist, teacher and composer. In 1792 after Mozart´s death, he was named a court composer and chamber Kapellmeister. He also worked as a pedagugue. He wroted approximately 40 piano concerts, 60 sonatas, 30 symphonies, serenades, songs, choir compositions, 2 oratorios, 6 operas (mostly have not survived). His compositions have been published in smaller collections.