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Karel Hába

(*21. 5.1898 Vizovice †21. 11. 1972 Prague)

Czech composer, violist and pedagogue

He is a brother of composer Alois Hába. He was originally a teacher. During his teaching practice, he studied violin and composition at the Prague Conservatory (composition with Jaroslav Křička, Josef B. Foerster and in the master class with Vítězslav Novák). After state his teaching exam, he worked at the Pedagogical Institute from 1922 to 1927, and later as the editor in the Czech Radio where he devoted himself to broadcasting for schools. In 1945, he founded the Children Radio Choir. From 1952, he taught at the Pedagogical University in Prague and he wrote some pedagogical works such as Modern Violin Technique (1927, 1928), Methodology of Music Education (1953, 1957). He worked in the society Art Party (Umělecká Beseda) in Prague, he performed as a violist and chamber player. He wrote many piano and chamber compositions, choirs, songs, orchestral compositions (2 symphonies, violin concert), cantata, opera Jánošík, 1934, Old History (comp.during 1935-37), Kaliba´s Crime (1968 Košice) and childre opera About Smolíček (1950 Czech Radio).