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Jacobus GALLUS also Handl, originally Petelin

(*3. 7. 1550, Ribnica in Slovenia) †18. 7. 1591 Prague)


He was educated in the Stična Monastery (in German Sittich). From 1568, he lived in monasteries in Austria. In 1574, he became a member of Court Chapel in Vienna, around 1578, he traveled throughout the Czech countries to the cities of Znojmo, Brno, Zábrdovice, Olomouc, Kroměříž, Prague, and Rakovník, and also in Silesian (Wroclaw, Breslau and other cities). From 1579 to July 1585, he was employed by Bishop Stanislav Pavlovsky, and later entered into the Jesuit Order in 1581. In 1585, he moved to Prague and was the director of the choir in the Church of St. Johannes in Vado until his death. He maintained a good social status and he met with Prague Court officials. He belonged to famous composers of vocal polyphony. He composed four books of masses (dedicated to her religious Superiors), four books of motets Opus musicum, passions, madrigals, odes and smaller ecclesiastical and profane compositions. His music continues in Venezian tradition. His compositions have a full sound, brave harmony and have an apt connection between music declamation of Latin text and their message. The compositions had edited in Prague by Nigrin from 1579 to the end of his life. They stayed partly in manuscripts and after they were edited in new editions.