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(*26. 11. 1713 Čelákovice — †24. 5. 1773 Ellwangen, North Württemberg Region)

Czech composer

The entire course of his life is not well known. From 1724, he lived in Prague, where he was a pupil of Bohuslava M. Černohorský. After 1725, he worked as an organist and violinist in choirs of many Prague churches, such as St. Jacob-St. Gallus, St. Martin, St. Simon and Juda. In 1737, he didn´t receive the position of choirmaster in the Metropolitan St. Vitus Cathedral, and thus moved to Germany. Between 1745 to 1750, he worked as a Kapellmeister of the Kurfürst Johann Friedrich Karl von Ostein in Mainz. Due to personal conflicts, he was suspended in 1750, and later in 1756 fired. He didn´t received more stabile employment and worked as a teacher and musician in many places and cloisters troughout Germany. He belongs to the Pre-Classicstical composers. In his work, we can discern rudiments of classical forms, abundant chromatic and inspiration in German and Czech folklore. He wrote approximately 40 masses, 4 requiems, offertories, spiritual arias, hymns, motets and 36 symphonic works – concerts, symphonies, many chamber music’s and compositions for solo instruments. His compositions were often copied. Some of these were printed prior to 1800.