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František Antonín RÖSSLER-ROSETTI

(*cca 1850 in Litoměřice  — †30. 6. 1792 in Ludwigslust (Mecklenburg-Schwerin))

Czech composer living abroad

We don´t know the precise date of his birth (he was probably baptisted on 26. 10. 1745 in Mimoň) and he was confused with other persons of the same name. He should devote himself to the theology, but instead returned to an artistic career. From 1773, he worked as a contrabass player and later as a Kapellmeister of the Court Capella in Wallerstein where a large community of Czech musicians lived. At the end of 1770´s he ws one of the most famous musicians in Germany and his compositions were sold in many copies and prints. His music has been published in Amsterdam, Paris, Prague, Frankfurt and Mainz, Offenbach, Vienna and other countries. In 1781/82 he travelled to Paris, in 1786, he visitied Münich, 1788 and 1789, he visited Augsburg several times. In 1789, he received the prestigious position of Court Kappelmeister of the Duke of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, where he conducted a large Choir. He was cinnussuibed to compose symphonies and oratorios. He was invited to the perform his works (most notably in 1792 when he performed his oratorio Jesus in Gasemath and cantata Halleluja at the Court in erlin). On December 14th 1791, his Requiem to the Memory of death of W.A. Mozart was performed. He wrote approximately 35 symphonies, 50 concerts for many instruments especially for horn. The composer has contributed to the evolution of the performance technique. His later compositions included cantatas, oratorios, chamber compositions, music for piano and songs. He belonged among the must famous composers of symphonic music of the last third of 18th Century. His abundant melodic with signs of folklore wa a prerequisite of the Romantic style.